Finding the right Concierge for your development

Coming from a hospitality background, a 5-star customer service has become part of who I am as a person. When I meet with potential concierge candidates it is vital for me to see this attribute within them also. I have always been taught that it is the invisible service (that something special) that has the biggest impact on a customer (or a resident in this case). OPR want to find and represent concierge who have this very quality.

There are thousands of Concierge within London and when we are instructed on new role, we tend to get 200-300 applications per position. So, the key to being able to find the right candidate out of these applicants requires a healthy balance of the following attributes:

  • Humble, loyal and trustworthy
  • Customer service focused
  • A genuine love of the job
  • Impeccably presented
  • Technical ability
  • Shows initiative
  • Punctual
  • Calm

I have been taught to live and breathe exemplary service when dealing with customers. Within the first 30 seconds of meeting a potential candidate these attributes are easily identified in the very best Concierge. It sounds painfully obvious but if someone has come to meet me and they are overly chatty and a bit jittery, I question whether they would be calm under pressure or be a professional face for the front desk – and the honest answer is probably not! In my opinion, I believe a Concierge has one of the most important roles on a development. They are often the first person a resident will see in the morning or last thing at night. They are the person you go to when your mail is missing, when you have an emergency and the person that ensures your home is kept secure. You want to be able to look at this person and know that you are in safe hands.

Some of the Concierge that I have met with have impeccable standards, however, they would drown on a development of 600 units (and they do not always know this!). On the other hand, I have met with exceptional concierge who would not have enough work to keep them busy on a development of 10 units. Identifying this difference is key to ensuring we do not waste their time or in fact yours.

The most common response I get when asking what a candidate is looking for in their search is ‘progression’. The problem with this is that it has become almost a generic answer that candidates expect that we (recruiters and employers alike) want to hear. This is not the case. It is what that progression looks like to them and how we can align that with a client that can genuinely offer them this path. There is no point in me sending a Concierge to a small development with no team when their main goal is to grow into management – they will simply leave as soon as they find what they are looking for elsewhere. The only way to qualify this is we meet every single concierge that we represent at OPR, there is simply no other way. These attributes only really touch the surface of how we qualify the right Concierge for your development when sifting through 200+ applications, this is what separates us and ensures that we find you the absolute best. Please speak with Lucy at OPR for further advice on your recruitment needs.

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Finding the right Concierge for your development

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  • Sarah Fitzpatrick, Senior Estates Manager

    From our very first conversation Andrew knew exactly the kind of role I was looking for, I didn’t have to go through job role after job role asking him to go back to the drawing board, there was an immediate understanding. During the recruitment process, Andrew was supportive and gave me all the tips and confidence I needed to sell myself during the interview stages. Once I was offered the job, the contract was explained to me in full and the process of negotiation and finalising was very easy thanks to Andrews reactive working and Client relationship management.   A big thank you to Andrew for placing me in a role I am able to be excited about again, I now love my job finally.

    - Sarah Fitzpatrick, Senior Estates Manager

  • Dorrie O’Brien, Customer Experience Manager

    Andrew is an extremely dedicated and hard-working recruiter. He’s friendly, listens to what you want and knows how important it is to match you up with the right role for you.

    - Dorrie O’Brien, Customer Experience Manager

  • Aki Spyrou, Estate Manager

    Zoe possesses a deep knowledge of the residential property management sector and works with a wide network of organisations ranging from developers and managing agents. What I value the most is that she always listens and was available to talk, recruiters have a tendency to treat property managers/estate managers as a commodity and this was not the case with Zoe. She is supported by like minded colleagues Andrew and Lucy who are great people also. Making the decision to look for another job is always daunting and Zoe was there to guide me and offer   career advise. Thank you so much Zoe for finding me the next step in my working career, I will forever be grateful.

    - Aki Spyrou, Estate Manager

  • Faye Davies, Assistant Estate Manager

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lucy for your help in placing me in my current role. You were so easy to deal with and your communication was amazing! In the past when I've had contact with agencies they have failed to chase back up on leads or arrange interviews that they had promised. From start to finish you were so efficient and quick at what you do and I'm very happy in my new role. It was exactly what I was looking for and you kept in constant contact with me throughout the whole process. You're a star!

    - Faye Davies, Assistant Estate Manager

  • Ben Belcher, Head of Operations

    I have worked with Zoe for a number of years and can happily say that she is one of the most professional and diligent recruiters I have ever worked with.   Zoe  has always ensured that every candidate has been properly vetted prior to passing me any CV’s for review.  For those I progress to the interview stage, Zoe will always make sure they come properly prepared which shows her diligence for understanding the needs of the client, as well as understanding of the position being advertised.    I am also thankful to  Zoe for acting as my recruiter for my most recent appointment as Head of Operations.  I have to say she is  proactive in ensuring I was kept up to date every step of the way through the interview process and has regularly  kept in touch with me since to see how I am developing into the position.   

    - Ben Belcher, Head of Operations

  • Tom Young, Senior Property Manager

    I cannot recommend Zoe enough! My client was having difficulties securing a maintenance operative given their specific requirements, and had interviewed 8 candidates from two alternative agencies, but to no avail. Zoe was attentive in understanding the business needs, and the client swiftly secured a prime candidate at a competitive market rate. Her market advice and professionalism meant that the process was efficient and effective

    - Tom Young, Senior Property Manager

  • Anthony Bryan – Concierge

    Lucy was professional and genuinely wanted to find the best job to fit my needs. She was able to land me a progressive role within days, helping me throughout the whole process. I was extremely impressed with the dedication to regularly check in to see how I was doing after starting the new position. Thank you!

    - Anthony Bryan – Concierge

  • Jigar Savla – Property Manager

    Lucy helped me find my new job. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Very attentive, she communicated very efficiently at every stage of the process giving me enough notice to prepare along with very useful tips. She never failed to wish me luck before every important juncture be it a telephone interview or the final interview with the Directors. I cannot recommend Lucy enough!

    - Jigar Savla – Property Manager

  • Funmi Akinwande – Property Manager

    Lucy is a fantastic recruiter, she really took her time to listen and find out my needs and requests. She is very proactive, attentive, friendly and very easy to communicate with. She helped me secure my dream job and I would highly recommend her to all my friends in the property industry.

    - Funmi Akinwande – Property Manager

  • Sampson Burrows, AIRPM – Block Manager

    I cannot recommend Lucy enough. Her professionalism & organisation are second to none and her knowledge and efficiency meant that the entire process of finding me a new role was stress-free and made simple. Lucy’s communication was brilliant and she was always available to answer any of my many questions. She is infinitely patient and nothing was too much trouble and I can’t thank her enough for that. If you are looking for a genuine and honest consultant to deal with, look no further than Lucy - she’s a superstar!

    - Sampson Burrows, AIRPM – Block Manager

  • Chris Peters – Head of Property Management, Inspired

    Inspired Property Management have been working closely with Zoe to find candidates to fill vacancies within our workforce. Zoe and her team have demonstrated high levels of professionalism and courtesy when sourcing candidates. They are always prompt to respond and honest and understanding of our needs. We would not hesitate to recommend them for recruitment services.

    - Chris Peters – Head of Property Management, Inspired

  • Dean Clarke – Director Lee Baron

    Zoe consistently provides us with quality candidates and exemplary standards of practice. Zoe is there for market advice when needed and without hesitation I would highly recommend her for your recruitment needs.

    - Dean Clarke – Director Lee Baron

  • Alannah Cairns, Operations Support Manager

    Zoe has been absolutely amazing throughout the entire recruitment process. I have never met such an honest and dedicated recruiter. Zoe listens to you and advises based on her strong knowledge of the sector and your career/client objectives. I found Zoe to be supportive, motivating and highly professional during my job search and felt nothing but confident during every part of the process. I cannot thank her enough for believing in me- Zoe you are brilliant at what you do!

    - Alannah Cairns, Operations Support Manager